Which Method of Hair Transplant Hurts Most?

Does a Hair Transplant Hurt? How Painful are Transplants?
Does A Hair Transplant Hurt? Pain Associated With Hair Transplantation

So, is a hair transplant procedure painful?

The answer is – it depends on your doctor’s technique and skill in numbing along with your own tolerance for any pain.

During local anesthesia, patients are given the option of nitrous oxide (laughing gas).This is usually the only discomfort you will feel during the procedure, and lasts only a few minutes. Your Hair Transplant Surgeon may use a computer assisted anesthesia delivery system which dramatically reduces any patient discomfort that may arise in the first few minutes of surgery. Once numb, you will hear funny noises (the scalp conducts sound) but will feel no pain. Long-acting anesthesia really helps to prevent the wear-off ache and makes the transplant very comfortable at night.

Fact: If a Hair Restoration Surgeon takes his or her time numbing the scalp prior to surgery procedures would be virtually painless for most patients. The rate or speed of delivery of the anesthesia (Usually Lidocaine or similar) is proportional to the pain you may feel during the beginning stage your hair transplant.

Pain Threshold

This counts a lot! Your nerves and pain-fibers will have much to do as far as hurting during the actual procedure goes. I have performed transplants on 95 pound, middle aged women who did not even realize that I had even started the procedure by the time I was halfway done numbing their scalp. Conversely, I have seen 250 pound, young bodybuilders get squeamish with every little touch. Pain threshold is unique to an individual and depends on nerve sensitivity. Ask yourself how you usually react at the dentist’s office. Your transplant may be similar as far as sensitivity goes…probably better though.

Patients may also be given pain medications prior to and immediately after their hair transplant surgery.

In it’s infancy almost 30+ years ago hair replacement surgery using big “Hair Plugs” hurt, that was the general consensus. Hair transplant surgery was said to be so painful that many people would hesitate to have hair replacement due to the pain and not as much over the unnatural, pluggy look…back then transplants were new and people just wanted hair!. Hair transplants do not hurt nearly as much anymore. With advances in techniques and a better understanding of the scalp’s reaction to transplantation came a plethora of comfortable, pain-free surgeries.

Pain Free Hair Transplants, Neograft or “Robot” Method
The good thing is that as soon as your numb, your done! The worst is usually over in the first few minutes after the doctor starts the procedure.


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