What Is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure where healthy areas of skin, hair, and their roots are transplanted from the sides or back of the head (the donor area) to bald or balding areas of the scalp of the same person (the recipient area). Transplanted hair will generally continue to grow permanently because it is taken from an area where the hair roots were never programmed to fall out. The hair transplant graft always retains the same characteristics as it did prior to the procedure. It will even turn gray as you age.

In the past the areas from which the hair had been taken were allowed to remain open and heal naturally, creating a pegboard effect in the donor area. Today’s donor areas are sutured closed and heal with thin scars in most cases.

Donor areas are chosen to match as best as possible the type of hair that should grow in the area being transplanted. For example, hairline hair is generally taken from lower sides where the hair is finer and will help feather the front.


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