Medical Treatments Lotions, Potions and Miracle Cures…What Works?

2019 Hair Loss Treatments

Medical Hair Loss Treatments

As long as there has been hair loss, there have been claims of miracle cures. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for baldness. Today there are many products that claim to cure hair loss marketed on TV and Radio. There is little or no basis for most of these claims.

In my teenage years as an undergraduate student, my future before me, and my hair quickly receding. Young and desperate for a cure, I spent much of my limited assets on treatments and ointments that did little other than diminish my bank account.

It is extremely important for someone who is losing their hair and wants something done about it to talk to a physician who is knowledgeable in the area of both hair loss and restoration. This will not only save time and money, but it will also save precious hair from further degeneration and eventually permanent baldness.

For many of our patients we utilize a combination therapy method. This type of therapy involves one or more medical treatments combined with hair restoration surgery. We use FDA-approved medications and solid United States researched hair care products that have been clinically proven to slow or stop the balding process, and in many cases regrow hair. During your complimentary consultation your Doctor will discuss all of the different medical treatments and surgical alternatives before he designs an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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