HairSoReal (Hair So Real) – HairSoReal’s Keratin Hair Loss Fiber Concealer

HairSoReal – Keratin Hair Fibers Conceal Thin, Thinning And Bald Areas

HSR HairSoReal

HairSoReal is a hair loss concealer which builds up existing hair to thicken and conceal hair loss. Each keratin fiber binds to individual hairs which results in a natural, thick look.

What is HairSoReal?

HairSoReal is a revolutionary new solution to the chronic hair loss, dilution and balding hair problems. It’s a fiber of artificial hair that looks like your natural hair. HairSoReal is the new non- toxic alternative to costly surgical procedures and drug treatments tested by the doctor. HairSoReal looks instantaneous and natural. HairSoReal is neat and easy to spray. HairSoReal Thickens hair slimming.
HairSoReal remains until you wash out. HairSoReal Takes your appearance years away. Restore your trust and spontaneity. Inexpensive, quick and risk- free.

Why HairSoReal Is Right For You:

HairSoReal is an exceptional new solution to problems of thinning and balding. HairSoReal is unique in artificial fibers of hair. It’s not a cream or paint that tries to cover your scalp. It’s not brilliant or shiny. It is a fine textured fiber substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a whole layer of hair over your scalp. It looks like hair and comes in black, dark brown, brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, ash and light grey to match perfectly with your natural hair color.
HairSoReal ‘s safe on skin or hair. It’s not gonna stain your face or clothes. It is removed easily by washing. It’s completely safe to use for everyone.

Wash, dry & style your hair for the best results. Sprinkle HairSoReal over the thinner until the scalp is not visible anymore. Use your hand to gently pat the application area Apply your favorite hair spray to the HairSoReal area.

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