Hair Transplant Cost: Costs of Hair Transplants and Neograft

Hair Transplant Cost – Neograft, FUE and FU Cost per graft or cost per hair transplant session?

Neograft, FUE & Strip Hair Transplantation
How much does a Hair Transplant cost?

Well, that depends…
Hair transplant cost varies between Hair Transplant Surgeons. Some transplant clinics will charge “per graft” while others charge “per session.”

How many HAIRS will I get? That is the important question!
Each graft may contain 1-4 hairs. So while 1000 grafts at one transplant center may contain 2000-3000 hairs, 1000 grafts at another clinic may only have 1000-1500.

Hair Transplant grafts can cost between $2.50-$10 each. The total cost of the hair transplant procedure may range from $2,000-$15,000 plus. The transplant cost also depends on how large the particular hair transplant session will be.

The cost of the complete hair transplant will ultimately depend on the extent of your hair loss and your overall expectations. The balder an individual is, the more hair transplant procedures they will probably require.

Hair Transplant Graft Calculator and Discounts


Follicular Units containing 1-3 hairs per graft. Cost of Hair Transplant grafts may be the same regardless of hair per unit

Grafts are usually transplanted using single hairs in the front and slightly larger Follicular-Units towards the top of the head and crown


The Head of a 26 year old man after two Follicular-Unit Hair Transplant sessions, total hair restoration cost was $16,000 US.(Photo credit: Dr. J. Karamikian)

fig(2) : 
Naturally occuring Follicular-Units magnified under microscope. Cost of a Hair Transplant depends on how many Follicular-Unit grafts are transplanted in a session

figure(4) : 
Hair transplants that cost the same may have much different results. Three figures representing a hair transplant of 1000 grafts. The first image represents a hair transplant of 1000 grafts containing an average of one hair per graft. The second image contains the same one thousand grafts with an average of two hairs per graft. The third transplant represents 1000grafts with three hairs per Follicular-Unit graft. The cost of each hair transplant may be the same although the total number of hairs and overall density is much different in each.

NEOGRAFT Hair Transplantation

Neograft Cost

Costs of a Neograft Hair Transplant Surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction. Why it costs more than a traditional Strip Hair Transplant

The main reason people decide to have a Follicular-Unit-extraction procedure or a Neograft Transplant is to avoid the linear scar left in the donor area after traditional strip method Transplants. The overall results as far as density and naturalness are similar for all three methods. No method is superior when it comes to overall results in terms of a natural look and thickness. The main differences are cost, the time a patient spends in the operating room, and donor area healing.

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is a medical device some surgeons are using to perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants. Transplantation procedures assisted by the Neograft device are said to be more accurate during extraction of the donor follicles as well as faster in terms of overall procedure time versus (FUE) hair transplants using manual extraction techniques. As of 2012 this technique is generally the most costly of the hair transplant procedures.

What is a FUE hair transplant extraction unit?

F.U.E. or ” Follicular Unit Extraction” refers to hair transplants in which each graft is manually removed by means of a small punch instead of a large strip. Harvesting of follicular units using this method does not require donor closure which usually leaves a linear scar in the back of the head. A transplant done using this technique usually costs more than a strip transplant, but less than a Neograft transplant.

Why Neograft Transplants Cost More?

Neograft transplants are a high-tech form of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). End results are generally the same or transplants performed using this device and ones completed using manual FUE transplant methods. Both Neograft and (FUE) differ from strip transplantation in that the linear donor scar that may be visible upon shaving of the head with the strip method is totally absent.

FUE are time consuming and requires a patient to spend more time in the operating room. Surgery with the Neograft device it is faster than a (FUE) transplant, yet still takes longer than a traditional strip extraction.

Surgery with the Neograft machine is more precise in terms of extraction of the individual follicles and Follicular-Units when compared to manual FUE, meaning that when the donor hairs are taken out from the back there is less chance of the doctor transecting or cutting through some of the hairs which may render them useless. This difference is not so great though in the hands of a trained surgeon.

The Hair Transplant Surgeon using the Neograft device has to purchase this costly machine. This additional cost is almost certainly passed on to the patient.

Basically patients who chose either the FUE method or the Neograft system will pay more for a hair transplant procedure than if they had a traditional transplant due to higher costs to the doctor or clinic and increased operation time per surgery.The biggest difference between these two is operating time.

On average Neograft Hair Transplants cost an additional 25-35% over traditional transplantation. FUE transplants are pricier than traditional transplants yet a bit less than the Neograft. The manual FUE method is the most time consuming of the three, so even though a high-tech surgical device is absent, the increased time spent by the Doctor and staff usually makes up for it.So if you’re looking for the best results it’s a three way tie amongst the different transplant methods. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune or 8-10 hours in surgery for 1000+ grafts and can live with a faint scar in the donor region, the strip method is the best way to go. In the hands of a qualified surgeon all three can produce natural, dense results.

Paying for Your Hair Transplant

Tips and advice that can bring down the cost of Neograft, FUE and FU hair transplant procedures

How much does a Neograft cost and what price am I going to have to pay for the procedure could have two totally different answers. Here’s an example, let’s say that your Hair Transplant Surgeon tells you that the cost of a Neograft transplant is going to be $9000 which will include a total of 1000 Follicular-Unit grafts. Is this price set in stone? The answer in many cases is no. Doctors are usually willing to negotiate if a slight discrepancy over finances are going to be the stumbling block for a motivated patient who is willing to pay slightly less and is also willing to be flexible when it comes to booking the procedure date. Patients that agree to undergo the surgeon what you can afford to pay and you’ll be surprised at how much most doctors work with you. Of course not Some clinics offer discounts during certain months. The summer months tend to be slower months for hair transplants and cosmetic surgery in general as opposed to winter which is the busy season. Just like booking a hotel or cost of your surgery.

Doctors will sometimes send discount coupons to current and potential patients who have been in for a consultation offering as much as 20% off at times. It doesn’t hurt to ask, sometimes just asking can reduce the cost of your Neograft Hair Restoration, FU or FUE transplantation by 100′s of dollars to over $1000 off.

Cash, Credit or Financing?

When patients pay with a credit card the doctor’s office will be charged up to a 4% processing fee, Perhaps offering to pay in cash may prompt the doctor to reduce the cost since they will avoid this fee.

Most offices provide special financing programs that offer patients benefits such as 0% interest and up to 18 months to pay. These programs are great for people who want to break up the cost of their hair transplant over a longer period of time while not accumulating a huge debt over the period of the loan with fees and large interest charges. Most finance companies will charge the physician a fee of approximately 10% of the total cost of the transplant which is deducted automatically when the doctor is paid by the company on the day of the procedure. If you are approved for financing or are even interested in applying for a surgery loan you now have a 10% window of opportunity for a discount if you offer to pay in cash or check instead. Some centers would rather discount the surgery by 5-7% rather than having to pay this large service charge. Economically this makes sense for the doctor.

Bring a friend along. Often two people agreeing to have a Neograft procedure will give cause for a little break in price.

BOSLEY offers $250 off coupons if you simply request it before you go in for the consultation. Produce the coupon after you agree on a final price and you’ll get an additional $250 in free grafts. So you can get even more hair or reduce the cost of the price you were quoted. Also, by bringing the coupon to another clinic while shopping around for the best price on your procedure it may prompt the clinic to meet or beat the offer, either way just having the coupon will benefit you. If you are thinking about a BOSLEY transplant or plan on shopping around you can get your free coupon here Bosley Hair Transplant Cost

Stop Losing Hair!

I know…easier said than done, but holding on to as much of your hair as possible with medical hair restoration treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine will obviously decrease the amount of hair you will ultimately need transplanted therefore decreasing the total cost of hair replacement surgeries. Medical and surgical hair the course of your hair loss treatment.

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