Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant Surgery and Medical Hair Restoration

Thankfully there is more than one option when it comes to restoring your hair. In most cases medical and surgical hair restoration are combined for the best result. By combining surgery with hair loss pills such as Propecia or topical products such as Rogaine, a person can add hair to thinning or bald areas while slowing or even stopping the hair that they will eventually lose from falling out. Think of it like a bucket of water with a small hole at the bottom. If you plug the hole you will stop losing water and therefore have a fuller bucket of water. The main goal with hair loss is to find a custom hair loss solution that works for your type of hair loss.

Some people will only require one of the two method if hair restoration. Generally the younger you are the faster your hair loss will progress. Hair loss is a continual process that may slow as you age, but it wont stop on it’s own. If you are young enough and have mild to moderate hair loss, you may be able to keep your hair loss under control without surgery. Conversely, if you are older a product such as Propecia or minoxidil might not work as well leaving you with hair transplantation as your only option.

Read the complete details about both restoration methods:

Hair Transplant Medical Hair Restoration


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