Hair Loss Vitamin – What Vitamins Promote Hair Growth?

What Vitamins Promote Hair Growth?

Hair Vitamins are Useful for Thickness and Hair Health

Unfortunately the answer is NONE. If preventing hair loss depended on taking a vitamin each day nobody would be bald. Some of my patients would come in with bags full of “Hair Growth” vitamins and would ask me if any actually worked. My answer was simple, I would tell them the next time they’re strolling through the city to take a look at some of the homeless people on the street, they’ll notice that many have a nice, thick head of hair. I assume that they are not taking daily vitamins, especially not “Hair Loss” vitamins. Although severe vitamin deficiency and malnutrition can lead to loss of hair it s rare for a relatively healthy individual with decent eating habits to experience hair loss due to vitamin deficiency. The only supplement that I have found to be beneficial is Iron which is a mineral used to treat Iron-Deficient Anemia. I see this mostly in woman and people who generally avoid eating meat. Your doctor can perform routine lab work which can include Iron levels to make sure you are not anemic or have another primary cause for your hair loss such as Thyroid or hormone abnormalities.


Vitamins will NOT cause this type of growth, neither will most hair loss products on the market that claim to regrow hair. In rare cases Propecia and to a lesser degree Rogaine may produce similar results. This patient required a 2000 graft hair transplant surgery to grow back hair in the crown area.

Although vitamins are important and can affect hair sheen, lack of them is not a cause of hair loss.

You should not confuse hair quality and hair care with hair loss. Vitamins and minerals may be partially contributing to good hair care, as well as other vital body functions, but they will not cure hereditary baldness. The person who sold Vitamins For Your Hair along with Right Places Breast Enlargement Pills served prison time for mail fraud. There is a good reason for this.

Spend your money on products that help, not ripoffs. If you take vitamins they should be for the right reason, not for some false hope.

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