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What is Medical Hair Restoration?

Medical Hair Restoration refers to hair regrowth using medical products such as Propecia and Minoxidil rather than with hair restoration surgery. Many hair loss patients have found it extremely useful to use a combination of medical hair restoration and surgical hair restoration for an optimal result.

Hair restoration can be very confusing. As long as there has been hair loss, there have been claims of miracle hair restoration cures. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for hair loss. Many products claim to cure hair loss, but most of these hair restoration products have little or no basis.
It is important for someone who is seeking medical hair restoration or surgical hair restoration to talk to a physician who is knowledgeable in the area of both hair loss and hair restoration.

Medical Hair Restoration: PropeciaTM

Since Propecia became available in January of 1998 it has modified the way hair restoration doctors treat men with male pattern hair loss. It has been proven to be an effective tool that physicians can now use in the fight against hair loss. The Product requires taking a 1 mg pill daily for life. If Propecia is stopped any of the scalp hairs that were saved from shedding or have regrown will eventually fall out. It works by blocking the formation of DHT (male hormone) from binding to and eventually destroying the hair follicle.

Specifically, it is an inhibitor of Type II 5 alpha-reductase. Propecia was developed to treat hair loss in the top back and mid-scalp. It has not been proven to work on recession of the front, temporal area or the hairline. Current data from Merck & Co. (manufacturer of Propecia) have demonstrated Propecia to be a safe and effective treatment for male pattern hair loss in a long-term clinical trial (5 years). Propecia is available in 90 pill Pro-Packs and costs approximately $150.00.

Medical Hair Restoration: RogaineTM

5% Rogaine is manufactured by Pharmacia & Upjohn. This product claims 45% more hair regrowth than Rogaine Regular Strength( 2% Rogaine). Although this may be true, Rogaine 2 percent has grown in most people very little or no hair. Rogaine 2% appears to be more effective for women and is usually the first treatment in female hair loss patterns.(Currently 5% Rogaine is not recommended for women.)
The initial indications are that 5% Rogaine in combination with Propecia can be more effective. Rogaine costs 5 percent between $ 25.00 and $ 30.00 and must be used twice a day.

If hair restoration is accomplished you must maintain Rogaine application or the new hair growth will be lost.

Hair Maintenance: Tricomin®

Tricomin is manufactured by ProCyte Corporation. The development of the Tricomin line of hair care products evolved from years of scientific research involving copper and its relationship to skin and hair health. Tricomin is formulated to supply the hair follicle environment with essential micronutrients efficiently. Tricomin with concentrated Triamino Copper Nutritional ComplexTM enriches hair and scalp with a unique blend of essential amino acids, minerals and body-building ingredients. While Tricomin’s cosmetic benefits are realized in the short term, the long-term benefits of younger, fuller, healthier hair may require regular use.

Tricomin can be used effectively in conjunction with medical hair restoration treatments including Rogaine and Propecia. The product is ideal for men and women alike.

Tricomin was initially intended to be released as a hair-growth compound. The early phase II clinical study of the product had very positive results for some of the 36 male subjects who twice daily applied the treatment for 24 weeks. The company has now decided to release the product as a cosmetic instead of pursuing the long and arduous FDA approval process.

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