Hair Loss Myths – Things That Do Not Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss Myths.
What are NOT Causes of Hair Loss?

What will NOT cause Hair Loss?

Things that do NOT cause Hair Loss:

Hats do not cause hair loss!
Shaving your head will not cause hair loss.
Low blood flow to the scalp will not cause hair loss. The scalp has more than enough blood circulating through it!
Poor diet will not cause hair loss.
Lack of vitamins or minerals…not!
Your hair follicles are not getting clogged.
Hair loss is not an allergic reaction to your pet.
Smoking may be linked to lung cancer, but it is not linked to hair loss.
Hair loss not a result of brushing your hair with a stiff hairbrush too often.
Certain hair gels may dry hair and cause hair breakage, but gel will not cause hair loss.

95% of all hair loss IS genetic!

One of the biggest questions I’ve noticed here is Does shaving my head cause hair loss? The answer is NO. Shaving your scalp will not lead to hair loss nor will it grow your hair back thicker.

Another question is Does alcohol lead to hair loss? NO. Drinking alcohol or applying topical alcohol to your head will not cause hair loss. Applying topical alcohol may dry your scalp and cause hair breakage, but not hair loss. Also, excessive alcohol consumption may lead to other disease processes that secondarily may cause hair loss, but in general drinking alcoholic beverages will not cause your hair to thin.

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