What Hair Care Products Help Conceal Hair Loss?

What Hair Care Products Help Conceal Hair Loss?

Hair care products can often help your assault on thinning hair. Your hairstylist can help you choose those that are best suited for you.


Shampoos advertise all sorts of claims. These are the most important things to remember. Change your shampoo regularly; the hair adapts to the same product if used daily. The goal of shampooing is to leave the hair clean and manageable. Beware of “coating” shampoos which in actuality coat your hair with a chemical and so make it appear dirty and less manageable. A detergent shampoo is meant to cleanse the scalp by removing sebum (the discharge from sebaceous glands) and dirt; however, some sebum is necessary to retain your hair’s sheen. Foaming shampoos are not better than nonfoaming ones. Kinky hair should be shampooed less often than straight hair as sebum is necessary for grooming kinky hair.


Conditioners counteract the detergent effect of shampoos. They “smooth” the hair shaft and remove static cling while attracting light reflection. Thus, they create shiny, manageable hair. Remember, different hair types (e.g. fine vs. coarse hair) adapt differently to different agents. Coating conditioners (hair thickeners) can actually add such weight to fine hair as to make it unmanageable. This is why your stylist is your best guide to hair care products.

Gels and Mousse

In the professional hair care world, gels and mousse are known as “left in” conditioning agents. They can vary from the pomades that African-Americans often apply to kinky hair to add luster and body, to the moisture-absorbing “gels” that add thickness and body to limp hair. Many of these products also contain silicone which helps the hair feel smooth and silky to the touch. The primary purpose of these products in our context, though, is to give more holding power to thinner hair.

Hair Spray

Hair spray, like mousse and gels, is directed at giving increasing holding power to finer or thinner hair. The base of many hair sprays, however, is alcohol and can thus dry and dull hair. The key is to be smart and sparing. Hair should be able to blow somewhat freely in a breeze. The helmet look may be okay to some, but can be as artificial as a bad hairpiece to many others. Hairstylists have the proper training in what is best for you.

Perms and Waves

Perms and waves are chemical methods to make fine, thin, or straight hair appear thicker by making it wavier or curlier. They generally will last about four months and can be helpful to those people in various stages of hair loss. They can also be damaging, as I have mentioned before. If you decide to go ahead, make sure you go to a professional who performs these techniques regularly and will carefully monitor the application.

Hair Color

As mentioned earlier, many people do not realize that what makes thinning hair very obvious is the contrast of skin and hair color. For example, thinning black hair on a fair-skinned person is much more obvious than the same amount of blond hair thinning on the same skin type. Therefore, proper hair coloring (vs. skin) and highlighting can help hide a “multitude of thinning sins.” Once again – all chemical treatments of hair can be dangerous and should be performed only by a competent professional.

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