Hair Transplant – (FUE) Hair Transplants, Follicular Units (FU) & Neograft

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FU) & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Transplants

Neograft, FUE & Strip Methods of Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure where healthy areas of skin, hair, and their roots are transplanted from the sides or back of the head (the donor area) to bald or balding areas of the scalp of the same person (the recipient area). After the hair transplant, the hair grows permanently because it is taken from an area where the hair roots have never been programmed to fall. The hair transplant graft always retains the same characteristics as it did prior to the transplant procedure. It will even turn gray as you age.


Follicular Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit (FU) hair transplants produce the best surgical hair restoration results. There are two methods in which transplant surgeons can harvest Follicular-Units from the donor area of the scalp, traditional strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction which can be performed manually by the surgeon or with the assistance of a medical device or “Robot” called a Neograft transplant.

First of all what is a Follicular Unit?

Follicular-Units (FU) hair grafts can contain 1, 2 or 3 hairs. Hair follicles grow in groups of hair, not just as single follicles. These groups are removed from the donor area and preserved in their natural distribution of 1-3 hairs. These naturally occurring groups are sometimes referred to as hair families which can only be seen under a microscope and are dissected very carefully not to disrupt their natural pattern in the scalp.

Single Hair Grafting

These Follicular-Unit grafts are used in areas such as the hairline, the frontal area of the scalp, for sideburns, eyebrows and in beard and mustache transplants. These grafts are removed from the donor as single hairs and transplanted as follicular units with only 1 hair in each graft.

2 & 3 Hair Follicular Units

These follicular families contain 2 and 3 hairs and may even contain a forth. They are removed carefully not to disrupt the natural growth pattern of each unit and transplanted exactly as they were in the donor region. As you move towards the back of the scalp beyond the hairline, 2 and 3-hair follicular unit grafts are used. These grafts add density to the top of the head.

By not disrupting the natural growth pattern of these follicular grafts the hairs are allowed to grow as natural as possible with maximum density. Disrupting these families may also result in poorer growth due to the fact that FU’s have specific blood supply and glands associated with each.

So, 1000 grafts can = 1000-2000 hairs or 1000 grafts can also = 3000+ hairs, your Hair Transplant Surgeon should determine your particular donor area density then make a decision about how many grafts will be needed to achieve desirable results.

Some Hair Transplant Surgeons use various techniques to “couple” the follicular units for even more density.

Follicular Unit Graft Removal

Modern Hair Transplant surgery is generally done one of two ways, a strip method or through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). A traditional strip transplant requires the doctor to remove a section of the scalp before the individual Follicular Units (FU) are divided under a microscope. This method requires closing the donor area with sutures or staples that will have to be removed 7-10 days after your transplant. FUE transplants do not require donor closure since each FU is removed individually leaving tiny incisions that close on their own. A Neograft Transplant is a new method of FUE that involves a medical device which assists the doctor in removing follicular grafts from the donor area. The Neograft method is said to be quicker and more precise than traditional Follicular-Unit-Extraction as far as removing donor grafts from the back of the head, yet overall density, and naturalness is the same as a traditional strip transplant and a manual FUE procedure.

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