Hair Loss Caused By Drugs, Infection, Disease – Medications That Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss Caused by Drugs, Infections & more

Treatment For Different Causes Of Hair Loss

Cause of hair loss other than genetic hair loss.

Various drugs can cause a usually temporary hair loss of the scalp. Some of these are amphetamines anticoagulants such as Coumadin and high doses of aspirin overactive hyperthyroid medicines slowing thyroid function and thus causing hair loss chemotherapy for cancer antidepressant drugs such as lithium oral contraceptives, as well as some drugs treating high blood pressure such as Hydrodiuril and CaptoprilAlways check with your doctor and pharmacist as to the possible side effects of any medication you are about to take.


Various imbalances such as fast or slow thyroid function (hyper or hypo thyroid) can significantly thin the hair. Medical treatment usually corrects this by returning your thyroid hormone production to its normal rate.


These can cause scalp scarring and thus permanent hair loss. They range from fungal, viral, and bacterial topical infections (i.e. ringworm) to body-affecting diseases such as syphilis.

Yes, George Washington who died of syphilis was bald and wore a hairpiece.


There are some more obscure reasons for hair loss, such as radiation or malignant tumor cells on the scalp. Whenever hair loss occurs it’s always best to have a physician examine your scalp in person.

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