After Hair Transplant – Activities Restricted After My Transplant?

Post-Hair Transplant Instructions

What can I do or not do after my hair transplant. Instructions for after your hair transplant surgery.

The biggest restrictions after a transplant involve no heavy physical activity for five to seven days. This is usually the most contested instruction, as most people feel fine after the procedure. Nevertheless, the first place that gets robbed of circulation when you’re active is the skin and scalp. Blood gets diverted to the muscles; blood pressure rises, and people bang their transplanted area. Any surgery, even minor, requires rest after the procedure, a hair transplant is no different. Take it easy post-op, it will benefit you in a few months when your hair starts to grow.

Can I drink alcohol after a hair transplant? How long should I wait before drinking? 48 hours is the rule after all hair transplants. Don’t drink alcohol or take aspirin for forty-eight hours, drinking alcohol thins your blood. This may result in oozing from the transplant sites or donor area after your surgery.

Postoperative medicines are prescribed, and in some cases, such as with tetracycline and/or minoxidil with Retin A, they can restrict your ability to go out in direct sunlight.

Don’t try to pick at the scabs – let them fall off. Extreme care must be exerted so that your comb or brush does not catch on the scabs during the healing process. You may shampoo your hair on the third day. While shampooing, use only your fingertips. Vitamin E oil can be applied at night to help promote healing after two weeks.


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